Award Categories

1) The Extra Mile Award, for exceptional customer service
This award celebrates individuals or teams who:

  • Always go the extra mile to meet the needs of the people they serve (including Tufts students, faculty, staff, patients and their families, parents, alumni, donors, and those in Tufts’ host communities);
  • Meet and then exceed expectations;
  • Develop effective relationships; and
  • Use resources creatively to achieve outstanding results.

2) The Bridge Builder Award, for bringing out the best in others
Nominees in this category:

  • Are community ambassadors noted for building strong connections with those around them, including colleagues, students, and/or community partners;
  • Work well with people from all backgrounds;
  • Promote a collegial, inclusive environment;
  • May act as mentors or coaches to support the professional development of others;
  • Successfully reach across departments, divisions, and schools to accomplish programmatic goals; and
  • Demonstrate a commitment to active citizenship and amplify Tufts’ impact on society.

3) The Change Agent Award, for creating new opportunities for innovation
This award honors catalysts for change—those who:

  • Are innovators who approach challenges with curiosity and confidence;
  • Deliver results through new ways of working, such as drawing on best practices or capitalizing on the potentials of technology;
  • Have a reputations for flexibility, creativity, efficiency, and entrepreneurship in tackling tough issues;
  • Get things done quickly and well while reducing costs and/or enhancing revenue;
  • Have a gift for getting others involved; and
  • See solutions where others may not.

4) The Unsung Hero Award, for accomplishing the extraordinary every day
This award recognizes people who:

  • Demonstrate a real willingness to do whatever needs to be done on the job;
  • Are those consummate team players who contribute to the success of Tufts in ways that may not always be readily apparent;
  • Are unwavering in their pursuit of excellence; and
  • Are the dependable “go to” people who are seemingly always there to help.