Who is eligible to receive a Distinction Award?
The awards are open to Tufts University staff and faculty, and may be given to individuals or to specific teams or groups. In order to receive an award, nominees must be benefits-eligible and have successfully completed their probationary period. Please remember that these awards recognize the qualities or achievements described in the three award categories and are not meant to reward accomplishments in teaching or research.

Are any individuals not eligible to receive a Distinction Award?
Only people directly employed by Tufts University are eligible. This means that temporary workers and those employed by outside contractors are not eligible. Members of the staff and faculty who are serving on the Selection Committee for this year’s awards, as well as members of the university’s Academic Council*, are also ineligible. Additionally, individuals and teams are not eligible to win in consecutive years. These awards are meant to recognize accomplishments outside of teaching and research; nominations focusing on teaching and/or research will be considered ineligible.

*The Academic Council is comprised of the President, the Provost, the Executive Vice President, the Vice Provost and Associate Provosts, the Deans of the Schools and Tisch College, the Director of the HNRCA, the Vice Presidents, and the Chief of Staff in the President’s Office.

What kinds of team qualify for a Distinction Award?
Distinction Awards can go to either a work unit or a team whose members come from different work units and have worked together on a defined project.  A work unit includes individuals who work together on a daily basis within a single reporting line.  A project team brings together individuals from different units to work on a specified project, either long- or short-term.  Both types of teams may embody the qualities the Distinction Awards seek to recognize.

Who can submit a nomination?
All members of the Tufts community are welcome to submit a nomination. The Distinction Awards do not observe any hierarchy, so you can nominate a supervisor as well as someone who reports to you. Colleagues can nominate each other, and students can nominate staff or faculty. Please note that individuals cannot nominate themselves and a team member cannot nominate his or her own team.

Can I nominate myself or my team?
You cannot nominate yourself or a team to which you belong.

Can more than one person nominate the same individual or group?
Yes, more than one person can submit a nomination for the same individual or team. We welcome the different perspectives that additional nominations can provide.

May I nominate the same individual more than once?
The Distinction Awards welcomes resubmissions of non-winners from previous years. However, it is critical to the selection process that you reevaluate your past submission, being sure to bring any new and relevant accomplishments to light and ensuring that older information remains accurate.

Please note that it is not possible for one individual to nominate the same individual/team more than once in a given nomination period (i.e. you may not submit a nomination for the same person/team in multiple categories).

Can my colleagues submit a letter of support for my candidate?
The Distinction Awards doesn’t accept letters of support for awards candidates or additional statements above and beyond the information received as part of the nomination form. Please let your colleagues know that a candidate can be nominated more than once by different members of Tufts staff or faculty.

Do I have to choose a category for my nomination?
Yes, please choose a category that you think best fits your nominee. You can preview the awards categories here. The best nominations tend to answer every question in detail, so take a look before you choose which category is the best fit for your nominee.

To help meet the goals of the Distinction Awards program, the members of the committee may reassign a nominee to a category other than the one you originally chose.

When can I submit a nomination?
The nomination period begins on January 19, 2016 and ends on February 26, 2016.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the nomination process?
If you have questions about how to nominate, please contact the Distinction Awards by emailing distinctionawards@tufts.edu or call 617.627.3271. We’re happy to help.

What if I can’t submit a nomination online?
Paper nominations may be submitted via campus mail by February 26 to Tufts Distinction Awards, c/o HR Vice President’s Office, Human Resources, 200 Boston Avenue, Suite 1600, Medford, MA 02155. You can also fax your nomination with a cover sheet to 617.627.3725 (attention: Jackie Foster, Nomination).