Tips for Writing

  • Be specific in describing the contributions of the individual or team you are nominating. Point to real improvements and tangible impact, using multiple examples if you like.
  • Make sure you are responding to the questions posed on the form, not just providing a general description of work done by your candidate.
  • Nominations do not have to be long to be effective, but please provide enough background so that the impact of your nominee’s contributions is clear. It is also important to explain in detail any initiatives or projects mentioned so that the committee understands the nominee’s accomplishments fully.
  • Take care to explain any technical terms and “insider jargon” in everyday language, and please don’t worry too much about your writing. In this case, it’s more about what you say and less about how you say it. But do remember to be specific! (View sample nomination)
  • Consider working with colleagues to submit a group nomination: You can share the effort, and your nomination will get the benefit of multiple perspectives. Please note that you’ll need to designate one person to submit the nomination on behalf of your team.
  • If you need assistance in completing the nomination form, please contact Jackie Foster (