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The list below represents the Tufts Distinction Awards winners for 2012. For a list of all nominees for 2012, please click here.

The Extra Mile Award, for exceptional customer service

  • Eileen Coombes, staff, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Patricia A. Finger, staff, Cummings School
  • Laurie Hurley, staff, The Fletcher School
  • Kayla E. Lane, staff, University Advancement
  • Dental Dispensary Team, staff, School of Dental Medicine
    • Sandra Armand
    • Nadine Benjamin
    • Mariana Boci
    • Gary Bolles
    • Bashkim Braho
    • Marjana Braho
    • Paula Callahan
    • Annette Clooney
    • Renald Joseph
    • Nikolete Kasuli
    • Branden Kohlman
    • Mary Kyle
    • Kerline Jean Louis
    • Aeron L. Luy
    • Berthine Paul
    • Lediana Rami
    • Keri Rogers
    • Denny Tran
    • Nga Tran
    • Stephen Witkus
  • IT Engineering Support Team, staff, School of Engineering
    • Bidiak M. Amana
    • Daniel Modini
    • Mark J. Rolli
    • Ethan Yetton

The Bridge Builder Award, for bringing out the best in others

  • Edith L. Auner, staff, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Travis M. Brown, staff, School of Engineering

The Change Agent Award, for creating new opportunities for innovation

  • Frances S. Brown, staff, Cummings School
  • Mindy Nierenberg, staff, Tisch College

The Unsung Hero Award, for accomplishing the extraordinary every day

  • Jean Agati, staff, Operations
  • Magee Giarrosso, staff, School of Engineering
  • Bruce R. Krasnof, staff, School of Medicine
  • Kimberly M. Thurler, staff, University Relations
  • Accounts Payable & Disbursements Team, staff, Financial Services
    • Peter Barone
    • Karin Barry
    • Barbara Cassidy
    • Barbara Daddario
    • Susan Gibson
    • Maria Goncalves
    • Krystyna Jarmark
    • Jackie Nadeau
    • Sally Ngao
    • John Renoni
    • Beverly A. Rice
    • Ellen Ziegler