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Essay Questions

Please answer all of the following questions that are pertinent to your nominee. (Approximately four to ten sentences for each is fine.) A great nomination will contain specific stories or examples about your candidate, and will address in detail how the candidate meets a combination of the above bulleted criteria. Strong nominations often include specific comments or quotations from those who have benefited directly from a nominee’s work.

A Tufts Distinction Awards nominee will model our values of leadership, innovation, customer service, integrity, collaboration, and respect for diverse perspectives and support for inclusion.

  1. How did the individual or team model Tufts values?
  2. How did this individual or team surpass expectations in their work and contributions to the community?
  3. What challenges did this individual or team face and how did the individual/team address and overcome them?
  4. Question for Team Nominations Only: Describe how the team collaborated and the impact of their accomplishments. Please only list members who made a significant contribution to the team.
  5. A Closing Story. Please tell us the story of a specific situation or project that demonstrates how this nominee has made a difference at Tufts.